So, you’ve been busted by the Feds…

In Federal court, the stakes are high.  Federal prosecutors methodically build cases using high-tech surveillance, cooperating witnesses and confidential informants, and experienced law enforcement agencies such as the DEA, the FBI and ICE.


That being said, don’t be afraid to fight back ― even if it’s in Federal court.


After all, this isn’t Iran, North Korea or Cuba.  Remember ― you’ve got certain, valuable rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.


Think about it: 


A careful review of the evidence in your case by an experienced Federal criminal defense attorney may reveal defenses to your case that weren’t immediately apparent to you, your family, or to your friends.


 Practice Areas

I’ve been a Federal criminal defense lawyer here in Miami since 1987 and have handled hundreds of Federal cases from initial appearance to arraignment to trial; or to sentencing


I have personally handled cases in the following practice areas:

Computer Cyber-Crimes


Credit Card Fraud

Drug Crimes

Drug Manufacturing & Cultivation

Drug Trafficking

Federal Child Pornography

Federal Health Care Fraud

Federal Tax Evasion

Federal Tax Fraud

Grand Jury Investigations

Human Smuggling & Trafficking

Illegal Re-entry

Identity Theft

Mail & Wire Fraud

Money Laundering

Mortgage Fraud

Ponzi Schemes

Securities Fraud

Travel for Sex with a Minor

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines

There is hope


I know times are tough right now, but I believe you’ll find my fees to be reasonable.  In fact, my firm will assist with providing you financial assistance if needed.  Call me at 305-461-1066 for a free, initial consultation.


I want to hear your side of the story.


Rick Hermida

State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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